Sales techniques

Body language and eye contact

One of the main reasons telephone sales is just so darn difficult, is the fact that we are only using verbal communication.

Body language and eye contact

Research claims that 60-70 percent of all human communication is NON-verbal, through the way we use our body, different gestures, body posture, eye contact etc. In addition, for those reminding 30-40 percent that are verbal, a high percentage are related to how we say things, speed and tone of voice, not the exact words we are saying.

Think about it for a minute. Most salespeople are spending hours and hours studying what to say to a client, when we really should be studying body language and the way we are using our voice.

Who do we buy from?
Statement: We buy from people we like, or people we respect.

Who do we like? Simple question, we like people who we think are similar to ourselves. I’ve written a lot about this stuff earlier: Establishing rapport.

Until next time, happy selling!


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Yes, this is why cold calling are DEAD. I think eye contact is essential. If you don’t meet your customers eyes they think you are hiding something or/and are nervous. Not so good for creating respect you might say…

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