Sales techniques

40 effective sales tips!

Comprehensive list of 40 super effective sales tips. Thanks to the readers!

This is the result of my “100 sales tips” post were you gave me a comment with your best sales tip.

We didn’t reach 100 tips, but 40 ain’t bad! A great thanks to everybody that contributed!

1. When your prospect can choose between more than one product, don’t always recommend the most expensive one! This builds thrust, and thrust leads to a signed deal!

2. Don’t take a no for a final no until you have tryed to close at least 3 times.

3. Make your prospect like you before you even start talking about your product.

4. Remember It’s all about the prospect, NOT the salesperson. Focus on their interests. Never talk about yourself during a sales presentation.

5. Take care of your regular customers. Sending out an personal christmas- or birthday card cost you only nickels, but makes an immense impact on your realtionship with the client. Imagine who they gonna turn to the next time they need to buy something?

6. Talk to customers in the same manner you would talk to your friends and family.

7. Try to know your customer before trying to sell them products. Always know about your products. Always introduce high price items first and upsell with lower price items.

8. Never talk badly about the competition to your customers.

9. The most overlooked tips in the book: For each hour you spend face to face with customers, the chance of selling more increases. To say it another way: The more you work, the more you sell!

10. Every time a client tells you how satisfied he/she is with your product/service, write it down in a book. This book will after a while be a place where you can find motivation whenever you read it. Try it!

11. Mental tip: Fell proud of being a salesperson! You are the most important element your company. It dosent matter what the others do, if you can’t sell the goods nothing is happening!

12. While driving to a sales meeting, shout and sing like a madman in your car! It fires you up and makes you feel a lot better.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

“When you are as great as I am it is hard to be humble.”

Muhammad Ali

13. Suggest that they are doing some things right, but you’ve noticed they’re missing some opportunities to sell more, save money, etc. Then briefly go on to another topic, so that they’ll actually be eager to hear what deficiencies you’ve noticed and how to correct them.

14. This may seem like a strange tip, but I urge you to try it. Speak with a very low voice. It makes people actually listen to what you say.

15. Put something physical in the prospects hands. It could be a brochure or the actual product.

16. Remember your very best days in sales. Days were your sold like crazy! Rethink these experiences before you go our visiting clients in the morning. Your brain can’t see the diffence between something that is happing for real or only in your mind.

17. Remember the Pareto principle (the 80-20 rule, that says that approximatly 80% of your sales comes from 20% of your clients. Find out who those 20% are, and focus even more on them.

18. Dress like your customers. If you are selling auto parts to a car mechanic, a suit might be a bad idea. On the other hand if you are selling something to a lawyer, a suit might be ideal.

19. Keep you body in tip top shape! Not only will you perform better at selling, but you will also have more stamina to endure longer days at work (which means even more sales!).

20. Don’t sell with words. Sell with questions.

21. Build up the sales conversation with partial agreement. The more you can make your customer say yes, the better the chance of getting a yes in the end.

22. Never be afraid to close to early. The biggest mistake you can do is not to close enough.

23. Motivation: Work extremely hard in the beginning of the week. Getting a good start makes the rest of the week so much easier.

24. Set higher goals. By aiming at Mars you might end up on the moon which might be much better than aiming for the moon and ending up 2 km off the earth.

25. My best tips is to have various fun/good stories ready about the product. I always use stories when speaking to my clients. This could be about how other clients have gotten good benefit of the product or simply good fun.

26. Important closing tip. Never just ask if they want to buy or not. Give them two options. Like this: Do you want the car in red or blue paint? This method works incredibly well!

27. When starting out in a new district it’s easy to burn out your territory to fast. Don’t do it! You will regret it later when you run out of possible prospects. Work your way systematicly through the territory.

28. Never lie to your customers.

29. Act like it doesn’t matter whether they buy or not. A salesperson who seems desperate for a sale, won’t sell anything!

30. Follow up leads like a madman! It somebody says they gotta think about it, call them countless times until you got a clear yes or no answer. You guys don’t know how many sales I’ve gotten this way!

31. Very important closing tip: AFTER you ask for the contract, shut up UNTIL your prospect answers. No matter how long it takes. If you say something before the prospect, you have lost.

32. Hang out with high achieving salespeople in your firm, not the ones who perform poorly.

33. Follow-up with everyone you meet at least once a month, whether they bought anything or not.

34. It is important to just talk to about anybody in the morning just to get sorts of “warmed up” talking. Visit or call one your clients that you like the most, even though you dont want them to buy anything.

35. Never rush directly out the door as soon as you make the sale. Sit and talk with your client afterwards, so that they don’t think you only came for the contract.

36. Imagine that you were the buyer for a minute. What would you like to hear?

37. Always be standing when calling clients. Sitting makes you loose all energy.

38. Smile, smile and smile! Got it? Always smile!

39. Close and get at least 3 no’s before you give up on a sale.

40. Act like it doesn’t matter whether they buy or not. A salesperson who seems desperate for a sale, won’t sell anything! I liked it and it is sooo true…

41. Don’t underestimate the power of working hard. You miss out on A LOT OF easy sales if you don’t spend most of your time prospecting.