Sales techniques

Lesson 3 – What to say and do at the door

Unless you are selling incredible cheap products, you won’t sell anything presenting it at the doorstep. If you for instance are selling vacuum cleaners, alarm systems or encyclopedia’s your number one priority when ringing the doorbell is the get inside the house so that you can do a full blown presentation of the product.

In order to succeed in this endeavor you have to make a trustworthy first-impression. In addition you must be somewhat subtle and vague when you state your mission. If you say straight out that your selling vacuum cleaners, most people will almost take it as a question – “are you going to buy or not?” – a question most people will say no to without a proper demonstration.

1. This is somewhat individual, but I prefer to drive my car all the way to the doorstep. This way the product can be in the car while I knock at the door. People tend to be more positive when you dosen’t stand there with an incredible large briefcase.

2. What clothes you wear are very important. You should be dressed as neutral as possible slightly adjusted to the neighborhood you are currently working in. For instance if your knocking doors in a typical “rich” district, you must dress accordingly to those who reside there. If people there are wearing suit and tie, you should dress the same way.

Avoid everything that makes you stick out. Unusual hairstyle, mustache, piercing etc. should be avoided. Be clean at all times (both you and your clothes). Use a neutral deodorant or perfume.

3. Smile! You only have a few seconds to make a good first-impression. A smiling person looks a lot less intimidating.

4. Hold eye contact at all times. This has two reasons: Number 1: Avoiding eye contact sends out a signal that you have something to hide and / or that you are nervous. Number 2: Seeing into the prospects eyes makes it easier for you to read the situation and how the prospect are reacting to you.

5. Use a “friendly”, calm voice. Talk slowly and clear.

What to say?

Opening example, adjust to you personal preferences and product:

– Hi! I’ve be appointed the pleasant task of visiting every resident here in …… street to inform you about …….. (your product / service). I reckon I could use 5 minutes of your time to show you a brochure?

As I mentioned earlier, your goal is to get inside the house before you give out any more information. A lot of people will come up with all sorts of questions after you have said your opening. Solve these objections briefly, and ask again. Never start a long discussion with the customer on the doorstep.

Example 1:

Prospect: – Can you give me any more information?
You: Yes (take it as a yes to show the product), just wait a minute while I get the brochure. (Go to you car and come back with the briefcase. Show with your body language that you are on your way into the house). Do you have a table were we can sit down?

Many people will now invite you into the house.

Example 2:

Prospect: – Does it cost me anything?
You: I’m mainly trying to get people’s opinion on the product. Do you have 5 minutes to look at the brochure? (If yes, go to the car and do the same as in example 1).

Tips on objections:
After a while you will realize that you typically face 5-6 different objections at the doorstep from most prospects. Sit down with pen and paper are write these down. Try to come up with the best solution for each and one of the. Try them in action and change them if their not working.

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