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5 mind hacks for salespeople

Feeling beat down between sales visits? Go through these 5 steps to change your mood in a matter of seconds!

5 mind hacks

Step 1. Start moving – The fastest way to change your mental state is to change your physiology. Park your car and simply start walking.

Step 2. Clap you hands – Start clapping your hands together as hard as you can (without hurting yourself of course…).

Step 3. Smile – Put a big smile on your face (keep clapping and walking).

Step 4. Say yes! – If you are alone, say yes over and over again as loud as you possibly can (keep clapping, walking and smiling while you do it).

Step 5. Visualize a moment of triumph – Think back on a moment in your life when you felt real proud. For example this could be your best sales day *ever*, and think of the moment you reported all those sales to your boss. Picture it in you inner mind as vivid as you possibly can. See what you saw , hear what you heard and feel what you felt then. Let this feeling totally overwhelm you!

After going through these 5 steps, how do you feel and why does it work?


1 buster3773

Visualize a moment of triumph. Feel what u felt then. The secret to realizing your dream—-what ever it is imagine it with bliss and experience it with gratitude. Repeat

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