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Similar hobbies: the secret ingredient to closing the deal

When I first started selling, I knew nothing about closing or how to make a good sales presentation. Still I made more sales then, than I did two years later after going through several hours of sales training. How could that be?

Secrets of closing the deal

Somewhere along the way I had stopped being curious about the people I was selling to. In the beginning when I knew nothing, I simply went out there and met people, talked to them the same way I talked to my friends. Listened to what they had to say, which eventually led to me finding out what they were interested in.

Sometimes I disvovered that they were interested in fishing, which also happens to be one of my biggest hobbies! Stangely enough (or so I though at that time), those meetings were the ones where I made the most sales. I usually ended up saying very little about my product, I was too busy talking about fishing.

It was almost like they were buying me, not the product – And that ladies and gentlemen are one of the biggest secrets of selling. The moment the prospect starts to like you, your chances of closing the deal are multiplied tenfold.

What is the easiest way to make a connection with you and the prospect? I guess you know the answer to that question by now. Show interest in the other person, and if you by any means find out that he or she is sharing the same hobbies as you. Start talking about it!

Until next time, happy selling!


1 Otto

Talk about sports with the customers 🙂

2 gizamba james

l totally approve of the fact that in selling,the first product to be bought is you the saleperson! once the prospect has liked both your physical appearence and product presentation, then the deal is sealed!

3 Jason

I started a sales job and I remember I thought my product was the coolest ever. My boss went with me on 5 appointments my first day. He didn’t expect me to sell any of them, he just told me to use them as practice. So I didn’t even think about making the sale and the pressure was off. I sold all 5 appointments!

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