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7 cold calling tips

Getting sales cold calling is difficult, but it has one big advantage: Your next customer is only a phonecall away. Here are 7 tips:

1. Be prepared mentally on being turned down over and over. No matter how many no’s you face, remember they aren’t saying no to *you* as a person. For each call that dosen’t lead to a sale you are actually getting closer to the next sale.

2. Don’t spend to much time on negative prospects. You need your energy and time for those who actually might end up buying something. Say goodbuy and hang-up when you face heavy resistance.

3. Even thought the customer can’t see you, body language still plays a part. Your prospect will know the difference whether you smile or not. As always in sales, ALWAYS KEEP SMILING.

4. Try standing instead of sitting. It gives you much more energy and drive.

5. Pratice and perfect your sales script all the time. The same goes for having answers ready for every question and objection you might encounter.

6. Mix things up every once in a while. Break the routine. Try speaking with a different voice. Slower or faster.

7. Don’t be a motormouth!

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