Sales techniques

Being fit makes you sell more!

2 reasons why every salesperson should be fit!

1. Nomatter if you like it or not. On a subconscious level , most people look up to fit people and down on those who are overweight.

What does this have to do with sellig you ask? A hole lot, you see we tend to buy from people who we think are our peers or people we look up to.

Being in great shape, you fit in both categories!

2. Edurance makes tons of sales throughout the year. Just by putting in 2 extra hours of work every day makes over 500 extra hours a year. Imagine how many sales that is?

So what are you waiting for? Start on a regular workout schedule today!


1 Ted

Yeah, not to mention the increased self-esteem you get from being in shape. Even more sales!

2 tanya

great tip I work out daily now and I love it and it does make me feel good

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