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Best closing techniques

I got a question the other day: “what do you consider to be the single best closing technique?”.

What I find to be MY best technique is to simply wait until the client is giving me some buying signals.

Lets pretend I’m selling alarm systems. During a presentation the prospect suddenly say: “We have been thinking about getting an alarm system for some time now because of all the recent burglaries in the neighborhood.” This is a very powerful buying signal, they actually tell me that they are in demand for my product.

What I do next is that I try to amplify what they are saying to me, followed up with a close. It could be something like this: “Yes, and by installing an alarm system in your house the burglars does in most cases just skip you house alltogether and try their luck on the next house. Luckily our installation team are in this area tomorrow, should I send them over?”.

If they say yes to this question. Take up your contract book, and sign the deal!

Important when closing: Ask for there order, and be totally quiet until the the other person answers. No matter how long it takes!

Until next time, happy selling!


1 Professional Closer

This is a good introductory article about closing techniques but if you want to become a Professional Closer you need an assortment of closes to overcome many objections.

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