Sales techniques

Big ears, small mouth, the anatomy of a GREAT salesperson!

Do you like people who constantly keeps talking and talking? What about people who interrupt you when you try to say something? Strangly enough this is way many salespeople behave!

Let’s stop for a minute and think. What kind of salespeople do people buy from? Studies and hands-on experience reveal that we buy from people we look up to, and people we LIKE! Human beings are selfish creatures most of the time conserned and thinking about ourselves.

Big ears, small mouth

With this knowledge in mind rethink your strategy for a while. Let your prospects do most of the talking. Be sincerely interested in what they have to say. What will happen? Guess what, they will like you. Bang! Your chances of closing that sale has suddenly increased!

As a bonus you wind up using less energy when you aren’t constantly talking. You will also be more aware of the signals your prospects are sending out. Whitch again will make you able to close the deal at the right time.

Until next time, happy selling!


1 Kent A

Thanks for some good pointers. I think we all have to ease down on the talking. I know this from experice when people call me up to sell stuff.

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