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Door-to-Door Sales: The single Most Important Piece Of Advice You’ll Ever Get

You have decided to knock on doors for 6 hours.

After 3 hours you make the second sale of the day.

Hooray! 2 sales per day happens to be your goal. So you decide to call it a day, and drive home. You are happy. Your sales manager is happy. Everybody is happy.

Driving home after reaching sales goal

Almost everybody I know of is guilty of this behaviour from time to time. Some are even doing it all the time.

But I’m telling you right now: This is the single most important reason why you are not reaching your maximum potential as a salesperson.

If you always drive home each time you reach 2 sales – You can never make more than 10 sales per week. As a matter of fact, you will probably very seldom reach even 10 sales per week, since some days will bring you 0 or 1 sales even if you work for 10 hours straight.

If I could give you only one piece of advice on selling door-to-door, it has to be this: Work as many hours / visit as many people as you have planned – no matter what happens. Do it if everybody are buying from you that day. (As a matter of fact. The easiest time to make a sale, is the next door you knock on after you have made a sale.) Do it if nobody are buying. It’s the only way to maximise your results.

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