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Establishing rapport in sales

I’ve said it before, and I say it again. Very few prospects will buy anything from you if they don’t like you.

So how do we make somebody like us? One of the most powerful techniques is to establish rapport with the person you are talking to. In few words, creating rapport could be explained as «mirroring» or acting/being similar as the other individual.

Why does this work you might ask? We human beings actually (on a subconscious level) tend to like people who are similar to us. As with anything else in selling or other aspects of life, you get better at doing something the more you practice it.

Rapport in Sales

One of the easiest (and most natural) methods is to share common hobbies/interest with your prospects(at least pretend that you like the same things as them).

If you for instance are having a salesmeeting in your clients office, and you see a big Manchester United poster on the wall, things are pretty certain that he is a Manchester United fan. Simply start asking him questions about that particular soccerteam. He will immediently start talking with true passion, and not only will he start liking you, but you also puts him into a good state of mind (which always is good in the world of selling!).

Copying body language, tone and speed of voice is another powerful technique. If your prospect is talking very slowly, it would be very unwise of the salesperson to talk very fast. If he is talking very loud, you should do the same thing etc.

A final note: It is very important to establish rapport *before* you start talking about your product or service.


1 Sledge

Brilliant article. I always try to look out for stuff my clients are interested in. The classic example is nice cars. If a person has a very nice car, they sure like talking about it!

2 Bondi

Yes! I learned from a true saleschamp: Create a great mood in your customer before you even mention your product. This has helped me tons.

3 Vladimir

Another eyeopener, thank you! Will show this to my salesmen.

4 Jen

Thanks for sharing. This is very useful information indeed (if it works). Wouldt this easily seem fake on the customer?

5 Einar Wus

Yes Jen, it will seem fake to the customer if you overdo it. So DON’T overdo it 😉 Everything you do in sales must be done in a natural way in order to be convincing. And yes, it DOES work!

6 Brian

Your hitting the nail my friend. This is an NLP (Neuro lingvistic programming) technique, and doesnt only work in sales…. But its the magic wand in selling 🙂

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