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Getting rid of the rotten apples!

I remember several years ago when I first startet my salescareer. I though I could sell something to absolutely everybody! No matter how uninterested, unpolite or broke that prospect was, I did my very best every single time. Sure, I got a few sales out of those situations, but the time and energy I spent could never justify those signatures.

Rotten apples in sales

Not only did I use an awful lot of time, but chitchatting with a totally uninterested prospect for 3 straight hours drained my energy and spirit. So much in fact that it had an impact on the next customer I talked to. I had used up all my passion at that last uninspiring presentation, and even though this new customer perhaps was in high demand for my product, I might actually end up without a sale since I know wasn’t performing at my very best level.

Years later I found a better way. I made myself a rule: When facing heavy resistance from a prospect, simply walk away… There is plenty of ripe apples behind the next door or telephone call. Forget about the rotten ones, let the others hang for a few years until they are ripe…

As a salesperson you should know that there are curtain conditions among your prospects you can’t influence. If your prospect’s house burned down without him having the proper insurance the day before you talk to him, chances are you can’t sell him anything. This is due to conditions beyond your grasp, and has nothing to do with your skills as a salesperson. Walk away, and return another day when the conditions are right!

Happy selling!

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