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NLP in sales

Learn how NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) can help you take away the pressure from selling, and at the same time dramatically increase your sales.

Simple question: You need a new car. Who would you buy from? A friend or a stranger?

The answer is obvious, of course you would have bought it from your friend.

How about a pushy, sleezy salesman or someone you feel comfortable being with? Someone like yourself?

Again, the answer is easy.

NLP has a powerful technique called “mirroring” which can change your life as salesperson upside down.

Instead of trying to push people into buying, you focus on being somebody they like. And I promise you, they don’t like anybody better than themselves. Mirroring is simply trying to act like the other person by copying body language, speed of voice and sharing similar values, hobbies etc. This is the exact same method many pick up artists use when picking up women. And whether you are dating, trying to make new friends, getting a new job at the job interview or trying to sell something, mirroring and establishing rapport with the other person makes it so much easier.

Until next time, happy selling!

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