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Not interested!

Simple solution to the “Not interested!” objection.

This objection is usually encountered before you even have had the chance to talk about your product. Telesales- and door-to-door salespeople gets this one all the time.

Here are a solution you might try:

“I understand that your not interested, I’m simply promoting the product to see if people likes it or not. Can I have 5 minutes of your time and show it to you?”

What is your best solution for this objection?


1 Tim Hites

Easy trick to overcome the objection: After them saying no, you repeat verbatim “I completely understand you aren’t interested, but that’s because (leading competitor product) has been the only option out here. You’re on my list so it’s my job to give you a quick comparison.

2 Einar

Very good tip Tim. Thanks for contributing.

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