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Telephone sales techniques

Using the telephone in sales is quite different from selling face-to-face.

People don’t like being called up by salespeople. Lets face it, do you know *anybody* who enjoy being on the receiving end of a cold call? To make matters worse, people often act more rude towards you over the phone than face to face. Selling is all about agreement and building rapport with the client. This is much harder to achive over the telephone were people can’t see your body language and there are no eye contact.

So what should you do in order to succeed? I recommend that you concentrate on the few great advantages selling over the phone got over face to face sales. Which can be summarized in 2 words: Cheap and fast. Compared with driving your car from customer to customer, using the phone makes you reach at least 5 times as many customers pr. day. In addition it is extremely cheap with todays pricing on calls.

With both the pros and cons in mind you should try to call as many potential prospects as you possibly can every day. Since you can reach so many you will eventually find somebody who are interested in your product. Spend very time with those who are negative during the first minutes of the presentation, chances are very small that they will buy anything. They are also damaging your morale.

Until next time, happy selling!


1 Lynda

Persistance, persistance, persistance is the big key to succeed in cold calling. Go the extra mile, call twice as much as your colleges.

2 Karishian

I’ve stopped cold calling a long time ago. I just dont have the endurance for it…

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