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The biggest mistake in sales

Actually there are tons of mistakes you could do in sales. But if I should pinpoint one thing, this has to be it:

You argue with your clients

You should ever never argue with your clients. Let me repeat that: NEVER argue with your clients. Nothing irritates me more when I observe other salespeople having an demonstration with a possible prospect, and they start an argument telling the client that they are wrong in certain ways.

Selling is all about agreement and building rapport, and by telling the other person that they are wrong, you are simply saying that they are stupid! Would you buy something from a salesperson who calls you stupid? Certainly not, and the same goes for any other human being on the face of this planet!


1 Lynda

Haha I am doing this mistake all the time, even though I know its stupid. Its like arguing with people on discussion boards on the Internet. Its doing you no good, your just wasting your time. But in this example it is costing me a lot of money. The question we gotta ask ourselves is: Do I want to win this discussion, or do I want to win the sale?

2 Karishian

I have a tendency for this too (even though I know it)…..

3 Marzena

I never argue with my clients but only God know how its hard sometimes to avoid it.

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