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Working on commision

A lot of salespeople find it very stressfull working on commision.

People often ask me, would’t it be better to work on a flat salary? Well to be honest with you there are no safe sales jobs. What do you think would happen if you sell lousy in a flat paid sales job? Yes, they will fire you!

However, if you are feeling like under constant pressure from working on commision, here are some simple steps you might try:

1. Set a timescale for this experiment (for example one week).

2. During this week you will work as normal. But, you will never care about how much or how little you sell.

3. When you visit clients, don’t think about selling at all. You are just trying to help this person solve his or her problem. If they wind up buying its good, but don’t attach any negative feelings to it if they don’t.

Make a quick summary after the week has ended. How do you feel? How much did you sell?


1 Burt

I’ve tried this for two days now. IT FEELS GOOD!! (telesales)

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