Sales techniques

Lesson4 – Product presentation

As I wrote about getting you from knocking the door to getting inside the house for a full presentation in lesson 3, there is another important step you have to go through before you start the demonstration.

Since the prospect doesn’t know you, they are most likely very tense at this point, and if you can’t make them comfortable they will not pay attention to what you are showing them the product. Heck, you could be selling 100 dollar-bills for 50 dollars a piece, and still don’t end up with a sale! Not only must you make them cool down, in order to maximize you chances to make a sale you must make the prospect like you.

Try to get a conversation going. The best way to do this is by asking questions about things that the customer most likely are interested in. If you see a 15 pound salmon hanging on the wall, chances are he / she is interested in fishing! -Where did you catch that salmon, and how big is it? – Is most likely a question that will make them start talking in this situation.

Pay sincerely attention to what they say, and ask follow up questions to what their saying. People love to talk about themselves, and by being a good listener they instantly starts to like you. Add this up mirroring them slightly. This means that if the prospect is talking slowly, you should talk slowly to. If he / she is sitting with the arm crossed, you do the same thing. (But don’t overdo it!) On a subconscious level the other person will see this as a sign that you and he / she is somewhat similar and start to tense up and like you even more.

Hopefully you now have gotten to a point where the other person likes you and are paying attention. It is now time to start the product presentation.


1. Keep the presentation short and to the point.
2. Ask the very best salespeople in your company if you could join them as a passive spectator on a few sales presentations. Bring pen and paper and write down the best parts of their presentation so that you can use it yourself.
4. The presentation should have a “wow-effect”. Remember back when you first saw the product yourself, what made you start selling it?
5. Rehears it at home numerous times so that you know it by heart. Ask friends, colleagues, you wife etc. if they can play the part as customer, and get their opinion on what was good and what wasn’t. If possible record yourself on video camera and analyze yourself.
6. Stop during the presentation and involve the prospect with questions.
7. Always use the prospects individual needs.

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