Sales techniques

When is the right time to close a sale?

As mentioned earlier you should at all times during the salesprocess be carefully observing your prospect (you read my big ears, small mouth article, right?). If they like your product or service, they will sooner or later give you certain signals that you can use as building blocks for a close.

1. Positive signal from the prospect.
2. If they are say something positive about the product, amplify what they are saying.
3. Close in a natural way.


Prospect: “Hmm I really like the design of this product!”
You: “I’m glad you like it. Actually we are mighty proud of the design. We know from earlier experice that something like this has to look good in order to get used on a everyday basis. So we hired some of the best designers from Japan to make it stand out from the competition. And guess what? Afterwards we doubled our sales almost overnight! Do you want the red or green one?”

After you have asked that question it is of dire importans that you don’t say anything before he answers. Most likely you will get a loooong pause. The two most possible outcomes is that he eighter says something like “I haven’t really decided to buy yet” or he says a color. In the world of selling, this counts like a yes! Take up your order book and write that contract.

Until next time, happy selling!


1 Carsalesman

LOL I like this. Starting to shrink my mouth right now 😉

2 Rob

The right time to make the sale is when you have matched your product or service to your customers needs, desires and goals. Not a moment sooner. The only correct item in the list above is #3. And, if a salesperson ever uses the “option close” they get a warning that using another sales technique will involve me just walking away. Just help your customer! Find out what they need, what they are trying to accomplish, match your product, service and expertise to these needs, wants and goals and you will make the sale.

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